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Does the stress of caregiving impact your workforce?

The market research says:

  • Lost productivity, burnout and turnover among full-time working caregivers is costing employers more than $50B annually in the U.S.
  • The average primary working caregiver spends more than 23+ hours a week on caregiving administration - AARP
  • 45% of the U.S. workforce is a caregiver - SHRM 2020

With one out of four employees in the U.S. being 55 or older, the need to support employees that are caregivers is growing.

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Our Expertise

We understand the workplace environment. We share the latested insights and research with our corporate clients so they can make informed decisions regarding employee benefits. Motivity Care can support you to communicate and implement our benefits for your executives and workforce.

  • Our team has extensive experience in HR, benefits design, project management, workplace resilience and healthcare programming.
  • We understand the challenges to selecting the right benefit for your executive and workforce.
  • We can assist you in presenting the value and ROI of our offering to your leadership.
  • This can be a differentiator to attract and retain your valuable talent.
Motivity Care

Motivity Care Offers The Solution

We provide working caregivers peace of mind in order to be more focused, engaged and productive at work.

Motivity Care partners with highly qualified individuals such as; mental health professionals, nurse practitioners, emergency management experts and hospice specialists. Our team can speak to your organization on family dynamics, healthy aging, grief and mourning or any caregiver related topic.

MC Life Intell Platform

Best in class technology to keep vital medical, legal and personal information secure and accessible 24/7 globally.

Available on Desktop and Mobile App in English/Spanish

Executive Benefit

Motivity Care works with your executives to create a proactive and strategic caregiving plan utilizing the MC Life Intell Platform. 

The dedicated Concierge Manager will spend the time to:

  • Onboard your executive onto the platform
  • Understand what your executive has in place
  • Address ways to alleviate their pain points
  • Reduce their stress moving forward
  • Provide live support in an emergency

Employee Benefit

Motivity Care will provide an initial onboarding group training on how and when to use the MC Life Intell Platform.

Offered as an employee payroll deductible or employer paid benefit.

  • Reduce their stress moving forward
  • Ongoing group trainings
  • Workshops and practical webinars for caregiving
  • Technology support
  • Dedicated helpline